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Miracell Pro Ear Drops

Miracell Pro Ear Drops

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Miracell ProEar is a unique blend of highly concentrated natural plant extracts. Relieves itchy ears and acts as a lubricant. It also softens earwax, so the ears can be cleaned naturally.


For purchases over $200,000 Colombian pesos, shipping nationwide is included.

  • Specifications

    Effective for:

    Reduce dryness or itchiness in the ear canal.

    Soften Earwax naturally.

    Help with posture with Molds or Hearing Aids



    Dryness: place a drop in the affected ear every night 2 times a week until sensation improves

    Soften Earwax naturally: apply a drop 3 times a day, for 3 days, before the professional check-up (on these days, do not use hearing aids)

    Posture of Molds or Hearing Aids: place 1 drop of the product in the palm of your hand, and with the finger of the other hand, apply to the sides of the hearing aid or mold (making sure not to apply to the exit hole of the sound)

     For external use only

    WARNING: Do not use if you have pain, ear infections, or eardrum perforations. Consult your doctor.

    Origin: USA

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